Solutions Provider


     Telecommunication Project Management & Consultancy

     (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, Radio Access Network, Core Network)

  • Business Plan and Project Planning
  • Project Execution and Implementation
  • RF Design and Planning (for Coverage & Capacity).
  • E-2-E Project Roll-out and Acceptance
  • Network Audit (Hardware and Software.

     Telecommunication Engineering Services

     (Civil, Mechanical and Electrical, Radio Access Network, Core Network)

  • Preliminary Design and Site Survey with Report
  • Site Simulation and Frequency Scanning
  • Site CME Construction and Acceptance
  • Material Planning and Equipment Warehousing
  • Equipment Delivery and Transportation
  • Equipment Installation
  • System Testing and Commissioning
  • System Integration
  • System Verifications and Optimization
  • Site Acceptance and Documentations

     Structured Networking & In Building Coverage ( IBC )

  • IBC Site Design
  • Site Survey and Report
  • Structured Cabling: Indoor and Outdoor
  • Equipment Installation and Integration
  • Site Optimization and Verification
  • Site Acceptance and Documentations

      Telecommunication Site Operation and Maintenance ( O&M )

  • Site Infra Maintenance: CME related – Tower, Rooftop Structure and Cabin Room, Air-Conditioner, Power System, Fencing, Key Site Access.
  • RF System Rectification and Repairs
  • Site Audit;
  • Structure Audit (Infra-structure CME Audit)
  • RF Audit (Radio Coverage & Capacity Audit)


     IT & Telecommunications product supply:

     Various products of Telecommunication Equipment

  • Telecommunication and Test Measurement Equipment
  • Antennas, RF Cables, RF Connectors and Accessories.
  • Transmission Equipment, Cables and Accessories
  • Fiber Optic Cable, Connectors and Accessories
  • Telecommunications Tools and Test Gears

     Computers Network and Wi-Fi System

  • Routers, Switches, Cables and Network Accessories
  • Servers, Computers and Peripherals 



      Professional Training and Outsourcing

  • Professional Training for new technology in Telecommunications, and ICT industries.
  • Technical Training for career enhancement.
  • Manpower supply for project management and implementation.
  • Manpower supply for network optimization and drive test.
  • Manpower supply for operation & Maintenance (on-site field operation)